The Black Man

Client/ University of Arts in Belgrade

Written and directed by: Mateja Ristic

Producer: Nenad Velickovic

Director of photography: Dragan Vildovic

Editing: Marko Stankovic

Composers: Vuk Spasic and Sasa Furunovic

Digital animation and softver developer : Ljuba Brkic

Graphic design: Filip Nemet and Dejan Petrovic

        Multimedia performance "The Black Man" is the PhD at University of Arts in Belgrade, which presents the result of many years of research and working on performance and multimedia art. Through different artistic media expressions, project represents the internal man`s process of creating guilty conscience. Using Yesenin`s poem and Kubrick's multi-layered cinematic poetics, the project is set as a spatial installation that creates a collage of audience interaction, live performance and multimedia visual experience. Besides the poetic ideas, the visual, auditory, physical and performing aesthetics, the project also examines the totality of media expression, both live and recorded, and its relation and action in one artistic unit. The working process on the project results with the multimedia installation "Cube", which is a conceptual pillar of the multimedia performance "The Black Man". Due to its multimedia nature, the project is divided into a video production, design and construction of space installation, sound production, digital animation, work with the actor and stage setting of the whole project. Pre-production of project began in September 2013.Video material for the "The Black Man" was filmed in a studio “BP” Zemun, Serbia. Editing and post-production video was made in the production house "Stankovic and Sons", Belgrade.The first performance took place at Airport City 24 April 2015 in Belgrade.