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Dr. Mateja Ristic

Originally from Serbia, Mateja Ristic is a Polymedia Artist, Lecturer, and Producer. He holds a Ph.D. in Polymedia Art from the University of Art in Belgrade, supervised by the University College Cork, Ireland, and Birmingham City University, United Kingdom. Before this, he graduated from the Academy of Art, the University of Novi Sad, specializing in Fine and Printmaking Arts.

As a Polymedia Artist, his portfolio includes theatre direction, video production, and a range of visual arts and multimedia performances. He has worked as a lecturer at International Schools and Universities across subjects including the History of Arts, Drama, Theory of Forms, Fine Arts, Photography, and Video Production. He is the founder of Encyclo, an art group with over 17 years of experience, and co-founder of Encyclomedia Production, a multimedia agency. Mateja’s artwork has featured more than 20 solos and over 40 group projects across Europe.

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