Mateja Ristic is a multimedia artist and creative visionary with a Ph.D. in Polymedia Arts who is constantly searching for various approaches and perfect visual solutions, professional who is always going the extra mile and trying to exceed the expectations. Diverse 15 years long experience in various types of visual arts, performing arts, video forms, film making, multimedia performances, etc. One of his greatest achievements is putting together and leading a group of enthusiastic artists under the name of Encyclo, which later developed into Encyclomedia Production. 


       Born in Jagodina, Serbia, he graduated The Academy of Art, Novi Sad in 2006, and completed PhD studies in Multimedia Arts, at The University of Art in Belgrade, in conjunction with The University College Cork, Ireland and Birmingham City University, the UK in 2015. His scholarly interests and lectures span the History of Arts, Drama, Theory of Forms, Fine Arts, and Photography. 

    Mateja Ristic’s artwork has been featured in more than 20 solos and in over 40 group projects in Europe. His projects include theatre plays, multimedia, videos, films, fine arts, and public works. Mateja is the founder of Encyclo Art Group, Co-founder of Encyclomedia production, and Associate Director of EncycloMedia Research Shanghai.