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SKC Kragujevac 


In 2009, the multimedia project "The Artist" was realized and produced by the Academic Theater of the Student Cultural Center in Kragujevac, Serbia. The main motive of this project shows, besides a universal problem in relations between men and women, the process of creating a piece of art (in this case of a painting) through the events that inevitably influence artists, but also the process of interaction of the color and the canvas. 
The idea for this multimedia project of digital art, which is just one part of the whole project and is a function of the realization of its multimedia form, came from a classic adaptation of a theatre play with the same name, "The Artist."

Scenario: Biserka Savic

Directed by: Mateja Ristic

Digital artist: Ljuba Brkic

Role: Dubravka Djordjevic and Vladimir Djokovic

Composer: Vuk Spasic

Graphic design: Dejan Petrovic

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