General producer of the project


Art camp Hedonia took place at the village of Voljavce near Jagodina, from July 14th to September 5th, 2005. Many painters, printmaking artists, designers, actors, and musicians participated in the camp activities. We animated the space we had chosen as the ideal working and living environment with group engagement. The following can measure the camp's prosperous, successfully realized activities: painting, printing graphics, film production, photography, and space painting. 

As a product of two months-long operations, the exhibition took place in Jagodina Cultural Center on September 2nd, 2005, greatly accepted by the audience and media, supported by the national media and television. The exhibition afterward moved to the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad. 

The idea of forming the art group Encyclo was conceived from the engagement of individuals and their equal willingness to contribute to the Group.


Executive producers: Mladen Lazarevic and Milos Cvetkovic