Producer: Gordan Matic

Written by: Dunja Petrovic

Director: Vojin Vasovic

Director of photography: Dragan Vildovic

Set Decoration: Mateja Ristic / Enciklo


Set Decoration

The movie Dashak was filmed based on a novel by Italian writer and Nobel Prize winner Luigi Pirandella. The story of the small environment, where everyone knows everyone, in which nothing new is happening and no decisions are made. 

The motion picture was filmed in multiple locations, in several Taverns in Kragujevac, within the area of the ZASTAVA factory. Not far from the Old Foundry a special movie set was set up to reflect a small town: a pharmacy, newsstand, bakery, shops, and what is characteristic for the movie is that then only vehicles driven in the movie were Zastava 750s.

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