2006 - 2017 

Teacher of History of Art

Director of Drama Studio

2006 - 2008

After graduation, I started working at Second grammar school in Kragujevac as a History of Art teacher and Director of a Drama studio.



Theater play


Directed by: Mateja Ristić

Scenario: Ljubinka Stojanovic

Music: Dusan Jeveremovic

Scenography: Mateja Ristic

The theatre play "Loft." 
Production of the Second Kragujevac Gymnasium. 
The performance was performed on 4 May in the Theater for Children Kragujevac scene.
At the festival Theater encounters, the show won second place and prizes for the stage movement, the supporting female role, and the musical achievement.



Theater performance


Written and directed by: Mateja Ristić

Rastko: Zeljko Simic

Video: Ljuba Brkic

Costume: Hristina Petrovic

          The performance "Transfiguration" produced by Second High School in Kragujevac was performed during St Sava's festivities in January 2008.
The performance consists of a single actor, five dancers, a thirty-member choir, a string quintet, and drum and video installations. The concept was based and relied on the musical elements that have dictated the entire synchronization and interaction of other media. Players and actors bearers of the performance stories based their stage movement on the given musical parameters.


Theater play


Scenario: Alaksej Slapovski

Directed by: Mateja Ristić

Music: Marko Jovanovic

Scenography: Mateja Ristic

According to the text of Alaksey Slapovski, the theater performance Clinch was the production of the Second Kragujevac Gymnasium. The performance took place at the festival Theater encounters 2008. Play performed on May 4th on the scene of the Theater for children Kragujevac. On the great scene of the Academic Theater of the Student Cultural Center, it was performed as part of the repertoire for 2008. 
At the festival, the show won second place and prizes for the leading female role and supporting male role.


Teacher of

Theory of form and Photography

2009 - 2017

In 2009 I was transferred to Second Technical School - Department of interior design and industrial forms, as a Theory of forms and Photography teacher. During nine years of working in school education, I have organized over a dozen exhibitions of students' works, several theater performances, and workshops. In addition, we won over twenty awards in art competitions and theater festivals.

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