Art Director

Design of restaurants within the FIAT company, Kragujevac, Serbia.


The basic idea of visual solutions for the restaurant's interior design in FIAT were children's artwork and photographs of children taken during an organized workshop. The result of this children's creative workshop is the large number of artworks used, along with the photos, in the project's second phase. The children's works and photos are an artistic decoration of the canteen interior.

Digital prints are placed on the walls in a layout that depicts children's drawings, out of which seven large graphics are located on the walls, and five smaller graphics are positioned below the window, which is a source of natural light in the room.

Art Director

Design for Relax Area within the FIAT company, Kragujevac, Serbia.



Visual design solutions of this project are in accordance with previously set parameters. They are divided in two concepts. The first one includes the solutions designed for all interior surfaces and the second concept offers exterior designs.

The medium used in the realization of this concept’s design is photography. The photographs were taken on various locations in Serbia.


Illustrations of nature in the form of digital graphics.