10 days of captain Postnjikov’s sailing
94. The World Congress of Esperanto


Scenario: Mikael Bronstajn

Directed by: Milić Jovanović

Role: Saša Pilipović

Ljubica Gašparević

Mićo Vrhovac

Visual design:Ljuba Brkić

Mateja Ristić

Dejan Petrović

Composer: Elena Puhova

The multimedia project "10 days of captain Postnjikov’s sailing”  was produced by the Association of Drama  Artists of Serbia, the City Hall of Kragujevac and the First Serbian Court Thetare for the 94th  The World Congress of Esperanto. The first performance took place on the stage of the First Serbian Court Thetare in July 2009., as part of closing the International Theatre Festival of Small Scenes “JOAKIMINTERFEST”, kragujevac. A few days later play was performed on the stage of Forum theatre, Bialystok.  In multimedia play "10 days of captain Postnjikov’s sailing" written by Mikael Bronstajn, beside scenes directed by Milic Jovanovic, the show contained a mix of video, digital motion and digital graphics as image of the time in which the play takes place.